Fleet Service and Maintenance

If your small business maintains a fleet of vehicles—be they service trucks, delivery vans, taxis, or even cars for a mobile sales force— it carries significant costs in terms of fuel, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. Ensuring that those vehicles operate in ways that keep operating expenses in check is a difficult task for busy business owners and managers.

Assisting with effective fleet management, providing service for small and medium sized businesses, across the Salt Lake Valley, is one of our specialties at American and Foreign Garage.

We understand that when your vehicle is in the shop, that means down-time for your crew, and that means lost business.

Getting, and keeping, our fleet customers back on the road and out in the field is always a top priority for us.

fleet service and repair

We can work with you to develop a preventative maintenance plan that addresses the specific needs of your business and vehicles. We’ll find the right balance of preventative maintenance to maximize your up-time, within a budget that makes the most sense for you and your business.

Adhering to a pre determined maintenance schedule can reduce unexpected repair costs. It can also extend the service life of major components, and maximize fuel economy.

We are centrally located, in Midvale, near the South interchange of I-15 and I-215, with convenient access for businesses throughout the area.

For those fleet customers that prefer, we also offer Amsoil products, which can often be used to extend your preventative maintenance fleet service intervals. Our standard fleet vehicle service includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection, helping to minimize vehicle and crew down-time due to unexpected breakdowns or other vehicle problems. We are often able to identify upcoming maintenance requirements, before they become critical, allowing the scheduling of these services at a time which minimizes any business impact.