Pre Purchase Inspection:

If you are looking to purchase a used car, it is always a good idea to have an independent mechanic do a pre purchase inspection. A professional technician knows what to look for, and how to look for it. You don’t want to buy a vehicle, only to have it break down on you. You want to avoid any big, unexpected expenses.

Save yourself time and money

Identifying potential problems with a car, and documenting the cost of required repairs, can be a very powerful price negotiating tool.

For a serious buyer, the seller of a used car should always be willing to let you have it checked out. If a seller is unwilling to let you have a pre purchase inspection – that should tell you something about both the car, and the seller.

Have confidence before you buy

At American and Foreign Garage, we offer a pre-purchase inspection of vehicle mechanical systems. We will check for things such as:
– ECU: we can scan the ECU, look for problems, pending codes, or signs of a recent reset.
– Brakes: Examine wear surfaces and friction material for unusual wear and estimate service life remaining.
– Leaks: Fuel, Engine oil, transmission oil/fluid, differential oil, power steering, coolant, etc.
– External Belts: Cracks, fraying, general condition, idlers/tensioners
– Hoses: leakage, cracking, dry-rot, collapsing
– Battery: Age, condition, starting output
– Alternator & Starter: Alternator output voltage, starter function and engagement
– CV Axles: Signs of wear, torn/missing boots
– Exhaust: leakage, excessive corrosion
– Motor & Transmission Mounts
– Driveline components: excessive play in U-joints, etc.
– Suspension: leaking shocks/struts, worn bushings, etc.

Let us check it out first

Our baseline inspection service includes an estimate of repairs required to bring the vehicle back into spec for performance and safe operation.

The price of this pre-purchase inspection service is $40.

Call the shop at 801-261-8903 to request an appointment:

Get a pre purchase inspection

For those customers who want an even more in-depth assessment of vehicle condition, we offer additional inspection services. Some of these options include:
– Engine compression test.
– Mechanics test drive – we can thoroughly exercise all of the mechanical systems.
– Alignment check

Cars are expensive. They can be expensive to maintain and repair. A small up-front investment can yield big dividends, giving you the knowledge needed to make a smarter, better informed, purchase decision.