Scheduled Maintenance

At American & Foreign Garage, we can take care of all your scheduled and preventative maintenance needs. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping vehicles running well today, and in the future. Performing these maintenance tasks ensures your vehicle is performing to it’s full potential, and enables small problems to be addressed before they turn into big problems.

Scheduled maintenance typically includes:

  1. Oil Changes: Our standard oil change service includes a new filter, and a comprehensive multi-point vehicle inspection. $39.99 for most vehicles. We also offer a full complement of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and extended service life oil products.
  2. Transmission Service: Just like your engine oil, over time the transmission fluid can break down and slowly lose it’s ability to lubricate and protect your transmission. Our service typically includes replacing the transmission fluid, and when applicable, the transmission fluid filter.
  3. Differential Service: The differential (and transfer cases, for four-wheel-drive vehicles) in your vehicle contain gear oil which can degrade, break down, and get contaminated if there are any leaking seals. This fluid is critical to protect the gears in these components, and to ensure the proper operation of friction plates in limited slip applications. We can drain the old fluid out of these components, and refresh with new lubricant. Often the manufacturer recommended service interval for these components depends on the type of use, so be sure to check your owners manual. If your differentials are regularly submerged in water (for instance on trucks which are used to tow and launch boats) it is especially important to pay attention to these components.
  4. Brake fluid flush: Brake fluid in your vehicle is typically hygroscopic, which just means that it readily absorbs moisture (from the atmosphere). Over time, more and more moisture collects in the fluid, where it can eventually start to cause corrosion in the various brake system components. This is obviously a bad thing for the health of your brake system. Utah is a relatively dry climate, so the problem is typically less severe here, but brake fluid should still be changed out at the manufacturers recommended interval to prevent problems down the road.
  5. Power Steering Service: Most power steering systems use a hydraulic pump to provide the power assistance (some newer systems are electric). This fluid gets dirty over time- which can cause premature wear in the pump and steering rack (or steering box, as applicable). These components are expensive, and typically very labor intensive to replace. Regular replacement of the power steering fluid is cheap insurance to help extend the service life of these components.
  6. Timing Belts: In many newer engines, a timing belt is used to drive one or more camshafts, which – in turn – are used to open and close the valves inside the engine. If this belt breaks, the camshaft stops turning, leaving one or more valves stuck in the open position. On most engines, when this happens, the (still moving) piston will hit the valves, causing severe internal engine damage. As often as not, the most cost effective way to repair this damage is to replace the complete engine assembly. Timing belts are typically difficult to inspect, and even when you can inspect them, it can be difficult to ascertain their remaining service life from a visual inspection. So, manufacturers specify a replacement interval for these timing belts – typically somewhere between every 50,000 or 100,000 miles. This is a service you never want to skip, or extend beyond the recommended interval. On many engines, the water pump is directly behind the timing belt, and it is recommended to swap it out at the same time to prevent a water pump failure before the next timing belt service.
  7. Drive belts: In addition to the timing belt vehicles use external drive belts to drive the accessory components. We will typically inspect these belts for wear during any service- however manufacturers often recommend replacing them at specific intervals. A broken drive belt is usually much less severe than a broken timing belt, but can still leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Do you have a 30000, 60000, or 100000 mile scheduled maintenance interval approaching? We can perform these factory recommended maintenance services at substantial savings over dealer prices. When performed by our trained technicians, these services help ensure your car keeps running correctly and that your warranty (factory or aftermarket) remains fully valid.

Scheduled Maintenance