TR6 Bulkhead Repair

My little TR6 had one big problem; a cut up bulkhead (firewall).

A previous owner. at one time, had attempted to install a V8 into this car.

Lucky for me, a TR6 was located at a local junkyard. I cut the firewall out using battery powered reciprocating saws.

I took more than I needed, better to have too much than not enough.

So, here’s the starting point.

First step is to make a little room.

With the engine out of the way, the extent of the damage is easier to see.

Old vs. new. I’ve got my work cut out for me (so to speak):

More cutting. Got to get back to clean, un-molested metal.

The trick, of course, is to cut both firewalls as close to the same as possible.

Here is the first test fit.

With some massaging, the drivers side fit really nicely.

Butchery was more severe on the passenger side, fit not quite as tight, but workable.

Tacked in about 20 spots. Everything lines up really well.

Welding is essentially complete here. Replacement firewall and surrounding area sandblasted, to prep for the finish work.

Both floors have also been repaired at this point.

Fin. After the sandblasting, the next step was filling any remaining voids, and smoothing over the grinding scars with fiber-glass re-enforced filler. Sanding that back exposed a few areas that needed additional grinding work. After a couple iterations, it was time for finish glaze/filler. Next up was self-etching primer, and finally paint.